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John Thacker
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John Thacker

Concept Art


About Me

I have worked primarily on video games during my career, and have shipped 10+ titles so far as both a concept artist and art director. I have also done work for print media and games of the non-video variety as well. My interests very much focus around character and environment concepts as well as illustration, with a special love for fantasy themed worlds; though I do enjoy other directions too. I have made an effort to display the types of things I am most passionate about creating in my portfolio here to give the most honest look at what areas I tend to flourish in the most.






-Harmonix Music Systems

-Hidden Path Entertainment




-CG Cookie

-Imagine FX Magazine

-3D Total Publishing

-Digipen Institute of Technology


-Magic the Gathering: Unstable

-Team Fortress 2

-Left4Dead 2

-Defense Grid: The Awakening

-Counter Strike: Global Offensive

-CHROMA (beta)


-Defense Grid 2

-Defense Grid 2 Enhanced VR Edition

-Access Code


-Brass Tactics
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